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Learn what Jim Markitell says about our Stone Crab Claws

BrandFedEx truck

" I was a bit skeptical about the lower prices compared to some of the other purveyors of Stone Crab Claws online, but I couldn\'t have been more mistaken as the shipment arrived when expected and the claws were simply delicious. I have purchased claws online and most are pretty good, but they often are full of water from the cooking process...the claws I bought from Mr Lobster were fresh, firm, and without a lot of the water I sometimes find. The package arrived when expected and was well packed with cooling packs to keep everything fresh and at top taste. If you don\'t live in the Keys, this is as close as you can get to fresh Stone Crab Claws...I would bet that most people in South Florida don\'t get them this fresh! "